Internet Explorer Cache Browser

aTube Catcher now includes a new tool which allows you to browse through the Internet Explorer's Cache for multimedia files; you can access this function in the "Tools" menu, like the next image shows you:



Click on "Update list", of course this will action will populate the list ( =P), be patient, this could take some time, because aTube Catcher, explore each file for known content, this is because there are many sites which serves its videos through a script, and Internet Explorer stores the file with the script name and without the correct extension, so to skip that aTube Catcher tries to identify the files by its content; and if you have a lot of files process all could take 2 or 3 minutes (in fast PCs less than 1 minute).

After the list is populated you can "double" click over an item for open, you can export that item or click on "Select file" to recode with aTube Catcher.

How to use this tool?. Well, you can clear the Internet Explorer Cache, and browse your favorite web sites, watch the videos, listen music, watch SWF animations etc, anything you want. After that open the Cache Viewer, and click on "Update List", in the list you will see the videos previously watched on Internet Explorer, now you can copy them or recode.

This tool also can show you the SWF files, but remember click on the "include SWF Files" box, this is because almost all pages contain swf movies and if you don't want to see that files the list will contain a lot of SWF garbage and browse your videos will be difficult.

As you know this function is new, so there are more features which i will add in future releases if you like, for example show content by domain, show only filenames and don't full path, set a minimum or maximum file size, etc .


You can recover a lot of media files from hundred and hundred sites.